Maintenance and treatment after tiling

Do you want to know the secret that keeps tiles looking beautiful for over a hundred years? 

We'll tell you a little more... 


-The cement tile, in order to cure itself a little more with each wash, requires a lot of care with water and neutral soap, a bar of the soap of a lifetime.


The virgin purity of our tiles and the natural materials - extracted from the quarries of our Andalusia - with which they are made, make them a living being that only requires not to mistreat them by using acid products, cleaning vinegar, alkaline or lyes that can cause a corrosion effect on the face of the tile. 

So... Can't I clean with bleach to disinfect? Of course you can, but always reduce it with warm water and a little bit of soap... you will see how it will magically nourish and disinfect at the same time. 

"Keep it simple"

In the event that the surface to be tiled is a large space, or in the case of bars, restaurants, shops, hotels... we always advise that our tiles are treated by our specialised technical team who have been accompanying us along the way for more than twenty years. Once your tiles are in production, we will contact them to advise you. 

Oh, and very important! Always remember that these tiles cannot be polished, it would be like taking the life out of them. 

Do you have any more doubts? 

Let me answer some more... 

You can install our tiles in your bathroom without any problem. And yes, also in the kitchen. On the outside. On the wall. On the ceiling? On the ceiling... wherever you dream, we realise it with you.